Advertisement in our mensas and cafeterias

Posters, flyers, promotion and the cafeterias of the student union Halle it is all possible.

All advertising efforts, e.g. flyers, posters, promotion, have to be approved to guarantee the right arrangement.
How should the staff of the kitchen otherwise distinguish between advertisement which is allowed or forbidden?

In general the following applies:
Advertisement of students, colleges, higher educational or student's projects, associations and so on, is free, but must be registered. If you would like to promote a commercial project or your company, we charge a small fee. 
Please keep in mind, that our rules for using our mensas and cafeterias apply for your advertisements too, eg. ads with political or religious content are not allowed. Please check our rules before you apply/register.

In poster ads we differentiate between the especially designed frame and all other forms of advertisement. 

Poster ads are organised by the Mediaagenur Campus Service. So if you are interested, please contact directly:

Campus Service
Neunhöfer Allee 49-51
50935 Köln
Telephone: 0221 - 28 27 360
Fax: 0221 - 28 27 36 20

All other forms of advertisement are coordinated by our department: Hochschulgastronomie/Wohnen (gastronomy/ habitation)
Therefore, please download the form (available as pdf-file in the documents section on the left bottom) and send it back duly completed to the department Hochschulgastronomie/ Wohnen (gastronomy/ habitation).
Please note our cafeteria's terms of use and the remarks on the back/ page 2 of our forms.