Hall of residence 3 - Theodor-Römer-Straße 7

In the middle of the district Strenzfeld, which has many green areas, and about 3 km away from the city of Bernburg there are three architecturally identical, fully refurbished halls of residence on the campus of the College of Anhalt (FH).

Mainly single rooms and flatshares for 2 to 3 people are available.

All rooms are furnished, the television is all wired up, there is a telephone connection and internet access is provided by the network of the College of Anhalt (FH).

There is also one handicapped accessible accommodation.

In the basements of the halls of residence washing machines and spaces for bikes can be found, which are dedicated according to the floors.

Altogether the halls of residence 1 to 3 offer space for 226 people with rooms sized 15 to 19 m².

On the campus the cafeteria and the library can be found as well.

The city centre can easily be reached by tram or bus.