Cafeteria Dessau – between the college and the building house

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Number of seats:
dining hall: 108
gallery: 54

Daily offer:
• 3-4 main courses (one of them is vegetarian)
• salads and desserts
• hot and cold drinks

The cafeteria Dessau is located in between the houses and the building house.

It is in the city centre, opposite to the train station in a complex of buildings with an interesting architectural design. The cafeteria has become the central point of food supply on the campus Anhalt.

There is a bright, nice room where students and employees can have their meals as well as a large area dedicated for the distribution of food. Because of the panorama windows the facility has a friendly, bright ambience and invites guests to stay for a while.

We offer the opportunity to choose from different main courses according to your budget and taste. A salad bar, fresh seasonal fruits and various desserts are provided to bring the offer to perfection. Apart from different sorts of coffee you can also have cold drinks, cakes, sweets or snacks.

To reduce queues we introduced a payment based on the chip card. Therefore, you can find a chip on your student ID. Employees and guests of the university can receive a chip card as well.

Children are very welcome, too. You can find baby's high chairs and the free meal deal (called ''Kinderteller'') is provided for students' children.

Our rooms are also suitable for events. Therefore, we offer an especially designed range of foods and drinks to match your requirements and we gladly give advice for your special arrangement.