Francogerman Social Card

The francogeman social card entitles you to cheap accomodation at dormitories and reduced in price meals in student canteens. There are additional discounts offered to students by the various university towns.

Travel destinations where French Associations for Student Affairs offer accomodation and catering services are:

  • Paris,
  • Bordeaux,
  • Nizza,
  • Toulouse,
  • Caen,
  • La Rochelle,
  • Perpignan,
  • Aix en Provence,
  • Clermont-Ferrand

We give out the social cards to german students up to 35 years of age, in return you pay a small fee of 2,20 €.
Attention: There is no social card of the kind available in France. So don't forget to consider it gettin one before you leave for France!

You get the social card in room 112 with Mrs Römbach. She is going to be there every day except tuesdays from 9-12 a.m.