loan by the students union (StuRa)

You can find further information on the website of the StuRa by following this link

According to their terms of reference the students’ board provides interest-free social loans to members of the student body.  
The amount of the loan can differ, but the maximum is at 1000 Euros. Members of the foundation course can receive up to 500 Euros.  

You can apply for the social loan with the spokesperson of social matters, Kathleen Karge, during her office hours, on appointment or via email:

Which loans can be offered?

  • A long term loan will be paid by instalments within 6 months. The amount of the monthly instalments will be calculated according to the difference of the monthly income (financial support by BAFög, child benefits, old-age pension (orphan’s or widow’s pension), regular benefits (especially pocket money), earnings and monthly expenses (rent, additional expenses, electricity and water charges, telephone charges, insurance instalments and so on).

Bypass loan

  • There is the opportunity to apply for a bypass loan to receive an absorption of costs once. The money will directly be transferred to the debtee.
    Which requirements do students have to meet?
    The student has to be a member of the student body, that means he or she must have paid the tuition and the fee of the students’ board (at the moment it is about 45,60 Euros).
  • Furthermore, there must be no loans of the students’ board that have not been paid back.

The following documents are necessary:

  • a valid student ID or enrolment confirmation,
  • a valid registration card,
  • a valid ID,
  • a record of completing a money transfer order of paybacks,
  • international students have to present a valid visa or residence authorisation,
  • which is still legal for at least 3 months

For an application for a long term loan you also have to present:

  • account statements of the last 2 months,
  • records of all routine expenses,
  • records of all earnings.

For an application for a bypass loan you also have to present:

  • the bill or cost estimate, which is equal to the absorption of costs,
    actual account statements.

What do you have to pay attention to in terms of paybacks? The payback should start no later than 6 months after the last payout. For students of the foundation course the payback should start no later than 3 months after the last payout. If there is no other arrangement, the payback should take place by monthly instalments of 25 Euros.