Our partners for social co-operation

Considering ever more complicated regulation, it for you turns out to be more and more difficult to have an appropriate overview over your rights and obligations and to apply that knowledge to your own personal situation.
We inform you expertetly, consult competently and offer appropriate support.

The focus of our activity lies on individual consulting and takes place in personal conversation. Other than that we answer a great number of telephonic and written requests (including by e-mail) and provide a nationwide free hotline: +49 800 30 968 00.

In case you have any specific problems, e.g. as international students, students with children or disabilitiy, you can, additional to the private consulting conersations, profit from grouptalks, orientation events or special consultation hours.

Given that your problems are often very complex, we try at first to clarify the specific kind of consulting request.
That kind of difficult challenge made it necessary for us to find partners for complex orientation in your social context.
The  Association for Student Affairs Halle has therefore started to create a social network beginning in October 2002 in order to find, together with these partners, cutting points that allow you optimal access to services provided by the different fields of consulting.

Of the various work- and consulting areas of the different networking partners are in the following only pointed out those having direct connection to general social consulting. From that derive their specific contributions in cooperation with network partners in order to  provide efficient social care at the university town of Halle.

Areas of consulting

1. Consulting on topics of social benefit

  • General social benefits
  • Special benefits for disabled or chronically ill students
  • Special benefits for pregnant women, single parents, parents still studying

2. Consulting on the topic of further possibilities of financial support

  • Grant of financial aid from Association for Student Affairs Halle funds
  • Scholarships, credits and financial relief
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Working and studying

3. Consulting for students with difficuties

  • Studying as a disabled or chronically ill person
  • Studying as a pregnant woman, single parent or parents

4. Studying as international students

  • Consulting services on easier integration
  • Grant of financial aid in urgent cases and support for cultural events
  • Further benefits

5. Psychological and social counseling

6. Further services

  • Orientation together with senior collaborators of social service cooperations as well as support in contacting agencies, administration and other facilities
  • Consulting and care for disabled and chronically ill students
  • Distribution of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and the francogeman social card