Pschological counseling

The years of studying are an important period in your life. It not only presents you with innumerable opportunities and possibilities, but can also be very challenging. Troubles while studying and personl problems occure frequently and are by no means ecceptional.

A consulting conversation can offer you relief and mental distance from a gridlocked situation. It gives you room to move and to look for new solutions. Getting together and talking about it might offer new perspectives, promoting your own abilities to solving problems. It might open access to your strengths/ressources and capacities that were before partly or completely hidden.

You are always welcome, even you don't yet know where the problem actually lies. Maybe you are just looking for someone to listen to you and help you sort out your thougts.

We as counselors at the various psychological and social consulting centers, guarantee you complete discretion while we are trying to overcome your specific problem situation.

You choose the appropriate number of consulting conversations. It is your decision as well whether you wish to be sent on to another specialist.

We are always glad to help you and warmly invite you to a first consulting conversation!!

Adresses and hours of consulting can be found on the right ready to download.