Accident insurance

• The university's Compulsory accident insurance 
For all enrolled german and foreign students a compulsory accident insurance is provided concerning all activities in relation to university attendance, such us traveling to and from university.
Benefits usually constitute payment for general treatment, pension claims and all neccesary means of rehabilitation in case of permanent injury to health.

The insurance is exemptet from contributions for all students.

In case of an accident, please contact the registrar's office of the university concerned immediately, so the information can be passed on to the insurance company right away.

• Free time insurance of the Association for Student Affairs
Students at the University o Halle, the UAS Anhalt and Merseburg and Burg Giebichenstein art academy Halle benefit from an additional insurance for accidendts that might occur outside university, put in place by the sAssociation for Student Affairs.
The insurance covers worlwide accident risk during free time activity as far as it is not included in compulsory accident insurance concerning practical training or activities while preparing for exams outside university.

Please report all accidents to Frau Strobel at our main building, even if there seems no immediate harm to be done at first.
Her office hours are from 9 3 p.m., from Monday to Thursday, room 212.

Late claims, maybe years later, can be only taken into account  by the insurance company if said report has been made.