Health Insurance for students

On enrolement a certificate of health insurance is required.
As a student enroled at stately or by the state acknowledged university you are subject to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 Sozialgesetzbuch - Buch V - (SGB V) and have a legal obligation to health insurance with a statutory health insurance.
You are exempted from said compulsion, if you have access to an overriding insurance,e.g. dependent's co-insurance.

• Dependent's co-insurance
You are freed from contribution-liable insurance, if you arelawfully health insured together with your parents or your spouse. An insurance situation of that kind usually is tolreated up to your 26th Birthday.
Past this specific age line the insurance situation can be prolonged while performing compulsury military service, civil service or a year of social volunteering, but not for a year of ecological volunteering.
In case of  co-insurance withyour spouse, there is no age line, as well as in the case of dependent's co-insurance for disabled students.

In case one parent is privately insured, the access to co-insurance is only guaranteed under special premises. Who has at his disposal more than 360 € monthly (BaföG-related support, professional expenses  and write-offs are not included in the calculation) cannot remain co-insured. For the marginally employed the line is drawn at 400 € monthly.

As a married student the personal obligation to health insurance remains intact if the spouse is not compulsory insured. In case you receive a private pension, e.g. as semi-orphan, there usually is a compulsory insurance for pension drawers.

• Exemption from compulsory insurance
You can apply for exemption from compulsory insurance in case you are otherwisely health insured. The application for exemption is to be made within 3 month after the begin of your studies or the begin of another insurance situation (e.g. in case of  experation of dependent's co-insurance) with the health insurance company where you were last insured.
The exemption is final and irreversible for your complete study period. It is also valid for a second degree and postgraduate courses.

• Charges for students
The charge for compulsorily insured students with statutory health insurance amounts to 64,77 € since the  1st of april 2011 and 11,64 € with statutory nursing care insurance, or 13,13 € for students without children from the age of 23. Some insurance companies may raise additional fees.
For recipients of study grants there is a reimbursement of 62 Euros monthly in health Insurance and 11 euros for long term care insurance. (§ 13a BAföG)  A certification for presentation at the department for study grants (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) is issued by your health insurance.

The charges for compulsory insurance are only to be claimed until the end of your 14th study term or the term in which you are 30 years of age. After that, since January 2011,  a monthly charge of about 143 € is to be paid. Information about exceptions can be asked for at our social consulting service.

• private health insurance
Most health insurance companies will offer a standard PSKV – rate  (private health insurance for students), valid up to your 34th birtday. It is recommended to thouroughly compare price and benefit before choosing an insurance company. Further information concerning that topic is provided by consumer advice centers. It is important to note that, on the one hand for all family members will arise an individual liability to contribution, on the other hand there will be requested advance payment for regular health related costs..

• Compulsory Insurance for international students
Also as an international student you are usually subject to compulsory insurance. Excepttions can only be made in case you have any foreign rights to non-cash benefit with an insurance company in your home country, due to supranational or international regulations. The limits of the 14th study term or the reaching of your 31st birthday apply as well. Concerning a second degree or postgraduate courses, the terms studied az your home country's universizy as far as they are taken into account at our university.

In case you already have, as an international student, completed your 30th year of age, there is no possibilty to statutory health insurance any more, but only a voluntary insurance with an overall contribution rate of about 143  € monthly.
For these persons the German Association for Student Affairs provides for a cheaper private health insurance.

More detail on that subject you find with the general social consulting department/Association for Student Affairs or directly at the German Association for Student Affairs.