on-campus catering for Universities

The student is supposed to study. Therefore, you are enrolled at the university or college. But you also have to drink and eat. You need it in order to maintain your concentration. We - the student union, help you by providing cafeterias and dining halls.
In our cafeterias in Halle, Bernburg, Dessau, Köthen and Merseburg you can have cheap, healthy meals for lunch. Nearly everywhere you can choose between several delicious offers, which make sure that there is something you like.

The meals can be offered at low costs, because Saxony-Anhalt provides grants and the lion's share of your tuition is used to benefit the cafeterias.

All locations with schools of higher education belonging to us provide cafeterias, where snacks as well as hot and cold drinks are offered, too.
We are happy if you consider to make use of our offers. The opening hours are established to meet your requirements.  

We hope that you are feeling well in our dining halls and cafeterias and enjoy a get-together with friends and other students to recover from your studies. We set much value on a friendly service, a comfortable surrounding and we try to avoid queue time. Furthermore, the adherence to ecological means throughout the production of our food is as important to us as
the use of fair-trade products. However, this only one of our basic principles.

Please enjoy your meal.


Steffi Pätzold
Department Head of Gastronomy

Please note:
If you should be not satisfied, please feel free to use our feedback function on the left of the website. We are willing to improve our performance continuously. So we are also pleased to read about your praise and acknowledgement.