Nowadays, it is not unusual to get children during studies. Strictly speaking, there is no better period of time, because you probably will not have the advantage to manage your time as freely as during your studies. On the Contrary, to go on with studies and pass the exams will not turn out to be easier with children. You have to be well organised and resilient to manage studies and care for your children at the same time.

To care for children of students aged 0 to 6 years, we offer childcare facilities in Köthen and Halle (Weinberg), which are focused on the needs of collegiate parents and also preferably offer space to children of students.                  Your children will receive loving care according to modern pedagogic principles and you can put your mind at rest to concentrate on studies.

In Halle we especially help people employed at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg with the application for childcare in the nursery ''Weinberg'' and give information about the placement of their children.

The fees in both childcare facilities will be calculated as fixed amounts. All information concerning the fees can be found on the particular page of the childcare facility in between the documents.