about your Studentenwerk

We see ourselves as your competent partners, helping you out with all aspects of daily life during the time of your studies.

It is our goal to offer you social, financial support as well as cultural incentives. That way you don't need to worry too much while trying to finish your studies in an appropriate span of time.

We work in different cities to look after you different regions: in Halle, Bernburg, Dessau, Köthen und Merseburg.

We run cantees and cafeterias, where you can eat well without having to pay too much. In doing so regularily you can save time and money and have more time to concentrate on your studies.

You can live during your whole study period at our residential homes together with your fellow students. We offer different kinds of living quarters such as single apartments or shared flats – whatever you prefer. The rent is comperatively moderate and includes all services,e.g. you will not encounter any additional claimes. e.g. as due to a rise in energy consumption.

We are also responsible for study financing and process, in the name of the state and the German country, you application for study grant. We gladly advice you on making the application and also will help you out in case your demand should not be granted and you want to know how to go on without BAföG related support.

The Association for Student Affairs offers special services as well: we run child care facilities, have our own psycological consulting service and do social consulting as well. We especially concentrate on helping international students, young students' families and promote academic cultural activity.

Your Studentenwerk was founded in 1991 by the state of Saxony-Anhalt, but already existed as far back as from 1936-1945.The state provides us with financial and legal aid as well as keeps an eye on whether our activities remain conform to state law. Students pay a tuition fee to us thus becoming associates to the Association for Student Affairs. Half of the seats on the administrative board are assigned to your representatives.

The Studentenwerk is by definition a social-economic enterprise: we provide you with social services and in doing so operate like any other private company. For more information or if you don't find an answer to any specific question, don't hesitate to contact as via email.

My very best wishes for succesful studies