''Where will we live during studies?''

This is a very important question you should ask yourself, when you start to study in a new city.

You have to decide if you would like to live in a hall of residence or if you prefer looking for a flat on the market by yourself. Both have pros and cons.
As the Student Union of Halle we run halls of residence in Halle, Dessau, Merseburg, Köthen and Bernburg for which you can apply.  

Just click on the appropriate website of one of the institutions of higher education and you will find a list of available accommodations.
You can choose between a single or double room, a flatshare or a classic accommodation, which is already fully furnished and provides access to broadband (mostly by using the network of the university or college) for less than 8 Euros.

The monthly rent amounts on average to 180 Euros with bills already included.
In contrast to accommodations on the free market you do not have to expect additional payment due to rising energy costs or higher consumption.

Since 1991 we have refurbished or reconstructed our accommodations and in some cases we have built new ones as well.
Your rooms are all to be found in buildings, that have been structured properly and provide the common comfort.

The communal life in our accommodations is very important to us. Therefore, we provide rooms you can use when your own room seems to small at some point.

To allow international students to settle in easily, we offer tutors responsible for our accommodations, who organise regular meetings for all tenants to feel well-integrated. 

For most of the accommodations we provide opportunities to get involved in sports or sometimes a student's club as well.

We also offer an agency for private rooms for those of you that cannot find a place in our halls of residence or prefer staying in a private flat. 
We hope that you will be successful in finding a nice, favourably priced place to stay. We look forward to meeting you in one of our halls of residence!

We wish you successful and enjoyable studies.

Steffi Pätzold
[Department Head of Gastronomy/ Habituation]