Hall of residence Weinberg high-risers I to IV

This housing area consists of 4 halls of residence, which are within spotting distance of different facilities of the university. The departments maths/ informatics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology and the computer centre are only a few minutes away.

The 4 high-riser, which are identical in construction, have 11 floors and consist of newly arranged rooms in form of flatshares. These include 6 to 7 single rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, which can be used by all tenants, as well as one lounge.

All rooms are furnished and access to the network of the university is provided.

In the cellars of our residential accommodations there are rooms with washing machines, driers and spaces to store a bicycle.

In front of the hall of residence the student union's facilities for children and the cafeteria can be found.

For recreational activities a variety of opportunities are provided by the Weinberg sports hall, the Peißnitzinsel and the local recreation area Döhlauer Heide.