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Other offers of accommodation suitable for students

Other offers of accommodation suitable for students

Every student should live in their dream apartment during their studies. Your wishes and options change during the course of your studies:
Many freshmen prefer our student dormitories, because thanks to the full rent, they don't have to worry about much and are in contact with their fellow students in the dormitory from the start.
Later in your studies, you often move in with your partner or found a flat share with friends.

That is why we have merged with the large municipal housing providers in Halle, Dessau and Bernburg and operate the three mediation portals ,  and de .
These three portals provide you with targeted student living space. You can rely on the fact that all project partners rent professionally and seriously and that you are in good hands.

Using the portals is very easy:

  1. Choose your preferred form of living.
  2. Select the desired rental space.
  3. Select which budget you have available for rent each month.

After just three clicks you can see a variety of housing offers in the overview, which you can use with additional criteria, e.g. B. equipment, can further narrow.

In the detailed view, you can get a perfect overview of the individual offers and contact them immediately from there by email or phone.


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