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opening hours and counseling locations

Corona-related changes in your BAföG consultations

Due to the current pandemic-related situation, from November 9, 2020 we will providing BAföG counseling only by email or phone. In very urgent cases, in which advice by phone or email is not sufficient, we offer an emergency consultation. You will only receive consultation appointments for the emergency consultation after prior telephone consultation with your clerk:

The respective responsibility of the clerks depends on the first letters of your surname. Responsible are:


First letter surnameClerkPhone number
A to BorqMrs. Heinemann+49 345 6847 102
Borr to EzMrs. Marx+49 345 6847 104
Fa to HarsMrs. Schmeil+49 345 6847 113
Hard to barrenMr. Luther+49 345 6847 120
Karl to LeinMrs. Koge+49 345 6847 210
Leio to MulMrs. Springer+49 345 6847 119
Mum to RieMrs. Proud+49 345 6847 111
Rif to SchuMrs. Fischer+49 345 6847 115
Schw to UzMrs. Grabowski+49 345 6847 110
Va to ZyMrs. Boehme+49 345 6847 118


First letter surnameClerkPhone number
A to KMrs. Lück+49 3461 4418 391
L to ZMrs. Straw+49 3461 4418 875

Dessau, Bernburg and Köthen

First letter surnameClerkPhone number
A to JMrs. Friday+49 3496 6764 23
K to ZMrs. Schwanz+49 3496 6764 22

Information for students of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Applications for students at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences are centrally processed at the BAföG office in Köthen.


Matthias Müller

Abteilungsleiter BAföG-Amt

Tel: +49 345 6847200


Amt für Ausbildungsförderung

Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Straße 3
06120 Halle (Saale)

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