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childcare limited due to the corona-pandemic

Due to the corona-pandemic since April 26th, 2021, we can offer emergency-childcare only. Please stay up to date with our corona-information-webpage.

On 2021-05-14 the Kindergarten will remain closed due to bridge day.

Kita CampusKids

At CampusKids, all children play, research and experiment together in a mixed-age group.
Our children and their needs are the focus of our work. In dialogue and interaction with each child at eye level, we find out what is needed for their development.

Our daily rhythm is therefore based on the needs of the children and not vice versa - be it when eating, sleeping, caring for or playing and learning. We develop the rhythms and rules that are important for the development and well-being of the children together with the children. This creates a daily and weekly structure in conversation and action that provides orientation and support for the children.

The CampusKids are located in the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences and primarily look after children of students and employees of the university.
Our day care facility has a capacity of 20 places - 10 places each for children of day-nursery and kindergarten age.

Do you have a need and need a day care center? Contact Ms. Naß by e-mail.

Pedagogical conception

Our concept is based on the educational program "Bildung: elementar - education from the beginning". It was created in a joint team process and with the participation of the parents. Against the background of our self-image as a learning organization, we continuously develop the concept based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The most important component of our concept is the orientation as a research day care center. In close contact with the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, we create a lively transfer of theory and practice. Other important elements of our conception are the need orientation, the open work, the educational cooking and our media concept.


Opening hours

emergency-childcare since 2021-04-26

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We collect personal data from you as part of the application for a place in our childcare center Weinberg and, if necessary, later settlements. Inform yourself about your privacy in our privacy policy!


Anja Schürer

Leiterin Kita CampusKids

Tel: +49 3461 462234


Kita CampusKids

Eberhard-Leibnitz-Str. 5
06217 Merseburg

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